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Modifying your home to suit your changing needs can be simple and inexpensive if properly designed.

An easier-to-use bathroom, a ramp or platform step entry, an accessible kitchen or wider doorways are changes that improve your quality of life and help you keep living at home.



Remove an unsafe bath or shower lip to allow easy walk-in or wheel-in access to a new shower space.

 Install a hand-held shower for better carer use.

Install slip-resistant flooring for added safety.

Install a toilet in your bathroom area.

Install grab rails to help with mobility and stability.

Widen doorway access.



A properly designed ramp entry for your house can make an enormous difference to your lifestyle.

For those with limited walking ability or those in a wheelchair or mobility scooter a gently sloping slip-resistant ramp can make those trips to the shops or a visit to friends and family possible again.

Even if it's just a short trip to the letterbox in the sun a ramp can easily turn a bad day into a good day.


Platform steps can often be a cheaper and more space-saving alternative to ramps for those with limited mobility.


For people with limited mobility or those using walking frames or walking sticks these low-rise large platform steps will make access into and out of your home a lot easier and safer than standard steps or stairs.

Platform steps are not a viable option for people in wheelchairs or scooters.